R & D Formulations, Nanoemulsions and Liposomes

Kebs Technologies Inc., is engaged in the development of novel food formulas and delivery systems and uses novel technologies such as microemulsions, liposomes and nanoformulations.

Liposomes:Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Liposome and Extracellular Vesicle

Liposomes are concentric bilayered vesicles in which an aqueous volume is entirely enclosed by a membranous lipid bilayer composed mainly of natural or synthetic phospholipids. Liposomes are the predominant vehicles used for drug delivery and targeting system in the medical industry. Liposomes are used in tumour targeting, gene and anti-sense therapy, genetic vaccination, immuno-modulation, lung therapeutics, fungal infections, and some non- medically such as in food formulations, skin care and in the production of topical cosmetic products.

Nanoemulsions ( NEs ) have attracted great attention in research and in the medical and cosmetic fields as potential delivery vehicles. They have unique attributes such as optical clarity, thermodynamic stability and increased surface area. They serve as vehicles for the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as other bioactives. They are designed to address some of the problems associated with conventional drug delivery systems such as low bioavailability and noncompliance. They are applicable for almost all routes of delivery, wide range of molecules can be loaded, with enhance drug solubility, bioavailability, controlled drug delivery and protection of drugs.

Nanoemulsions:Carriers for Drugs and Cosmetic Products

nanoemulsions image

NEs have recently become increasingly important as potential vehicles for the controlled delivery of cosmetics and for the optimized dispersion of active ingredients in particular skin layers. Due to their lipophilic interior, NEs are very suitable for the transport of lipophilic compounds, they support the skin penetration of active ingredients and thus increase their concentration in the skin. Another advantage is the small sized droplet with its high surface area allowing effective transport of the active to the skin. Furthermore, NEs can have bioactive effects and show increased cutaneous penetration of active ingredients, and reduced transepidermal water loss, which confirms support in the barrier function of the skin. Nowadays, major cosmetics manufacturers use nanomaterials in their products.


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